Movie Trailer: Planes

At first there was Cars and now there’s Planes? Apparently Disney plans on producing the same story for every transportation device out there! Yeah I can’t wait for the Elevator movie. You see the Elevator is tired of going up and down all day long. It wants to free itself from the cables that hold it back from living. It breaks free and goes on a wild journey only to find that life is not satisfying and then it jumps into a rapid river and floats forever out into the ocean. Only to find in the sequel Elevator 2 that it discovers the joy and meaning of life through helping Nemo find his dad. But of course by the Elevator opening its heart aka its entrance door the Elevator begins to be filled with water and sinks to the bottom of the ocean to become yet another piece in the vast collection of human artifacts of Ariel. Where the Elevator is then loved and cherished for the rest of its life.

Anyway… enjoy the trailer for Planes?

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