Personal Story: My PS4 Fiasco

The following is a story about when things fuck up you either struggle quickly find a solution or fail trying.

The morning of the Playstation 4 announcement was a hectic time. My brand-new computer that I got in Dec/Jan 2012/2013 decided it was time to crash over and over. I needed this computer to stream the announcement in high quality. We already had hundreds of viewers eagerly awaiting the announcement so I scrambled to get another computer up and running.

In the mean time roughly around noon traffic began building up far too quickly and got destroyed. The server went down for several minutes as I immediately began trying to fix the site.

As soon as I was done with that issue I realized that there were a boatload of people in the chatroom and we needed to get moderators to help keep things calm. It’s as if I yelled for help and an army arrived over the hill top. StuffWeLike Members heard the call and quickly helped keep the peace.

Just as thousands of people continued to join the stream and the chatroom anarchy was coming under a control – my internet went down. It turned out to be a major citywide outage.

Thankfully I was able to reach out to one of StuffWeLike’s other video game livestreamers Alex who picked up the stream where I left off.

I then scrambled and went to the Sony Store in Century City, the one where we did the Playstation Vita midnight launch, and with the store staff I watched the PS4 announcement.

David Rodriguez Sony Store

Of course from the notes that I gathered from watching the stream, which proved difficult in the first place as the video and audio kept cutting in and out due to buffering, I recapped Playstation 4 announcement:

Against all odds the event still went very well breaking new records for StuffWeLike’s Ustream channel with over 150k live views. This couldn’t have happened without my friends and the awesome community of StuffWeLike who helped maintain the stream and kept the chatroom as friendly as possible.

I definitely recommend that you add these people as friends on StuffWeLike Social cause they’re awesome people indeed:
Alex, Seth, Nick, The_Intersect, Jon, Jordan, Ray

As of this post, I’m still trying to fix my computer… Hopefully it’ll run fine before the next big livestream event. Fingers crossed.

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