Star Trek The Next Generation A Celebration Season 2

Back in July we had a wonderful time watching the remastered edition of Star Trek The Next Generation season 1. I couldn’t have asked for a more cool Trekkie event. Of course when I got word that Star Trek The Next Generation season 2 would have a theatrical showing as well, I couldn’t wait to go! However my joy quickly diminished before the screening even began.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend and while I picked up the tickets, he was rushing (as fast as you can on the 405 in rush hour traffic with rain) to get there. I sat down on my seat noticing that The Rave 18 had some new leather seats. I literally texted my friend saying “Nice leather seats” at 6:34pm and then at 6:36pm I texted him saying “Don’t come.” Within those two minutes my heart along with all the other Trekkies who were in the audience sank. The manager came into the theater and said something to the extent of the satellite feed wasn’t working and the video was corrupt. So after looking forward to this event for weeks, driving in the hellish LA rain traffic, and paying $2 for parking none of us could watch what we all came there to see. There was nothing that anyone could do. It was a one-time showing, a one-time event.

Thankfully the theater was nice and said that we could watch another movie that was currently playing. They also gave us re-admission tickets for any 2D, 3D, or IMAX movie that also do not expire. The tickets in no way cure the big blow that we got, but at least it put an ease to the pain.

I did have another friend who attended a screening out in Burbank which also had technical problems. He and his audience were sitting there looking at a blank screen for 25 minutes. They did eventually get refunds as well, but seriously I would have gone ape shit waiting that long for the show to start.

Clearly it was a very odd evening for Trekkies. Hopefully in the future this issue won’t happen again. I mean why not give the theater a back-up copy on disk? Why does it need to be shown via satellite? Why can it not be streamed over the internet? These are simple questions that have complex answers, but when the result brings forth the reaction that you see below you know that there’s no excuse for disappointing your hardcore fans.


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