Sponsored Video: Vitamin Water/Vitamin Angels 1 Million Views for Kids

I love Vitamin Water! It’s one of the reasons I was able to lose over 30 pounds this past year. After coming to the realization that I was drinking about two liters of soda a day, I decided to switch things up and mainly drink Vitamin Water Zero and plain old water as well. Along with changing my diet and running four days a week, Vitamin Water helped me achieve my weight goal!

This holiday season, Vitamin Water wants to give you the opportunity to help over one million undernourished children through the Vitamin Angels program. Each time the videos below are viewed, Vitamin Water will donate $.25 to Vitamin Angels. For just a quarter, you can help give an undernourished child the vitamin A they need for an entire year.

The goal is to reach a million views and in turn help over a million children in desperate need of this life-saving and life-changing vitamin. All it takes is for you to press play and watch the video below.

Are you ready to help a needy child this holiday season? Do your part by clicking on the videos below and help Vitamin Water and Vitamin Angels reach their goal of one million views!

This post is sponsored by Vitamin Water.

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