Outland – Blu-ray

Bond. In. Space! Well, not quite. But you do get to see Sean Connery kick some ass in this 80s sci-fi flick that takes place in a mining colony located on Jupiter’s moon, Io. Something’s not quite right in Con-Am 27 (that’s the name of the colony). A series of strange deaths and even stranger behavior has Connery’s character curious about what the heck is going on. Will his investigation be welcome, or considered a nuisance by those above him?

It’s a cat-and-mouse game filled with action, weightlessness, and exploding heads (which is pretty cool) as Connery races against time to find the people responsible for the crazy goings-on inside his far-from-Earth workplace. Will he find the evidence he needs in time? Will he and Peter Boyle (Everybody Loves Raymond, Young Frankenstein) be friends or mortal enemies? And is this movie the reason why Connery didn’t appear in Moonraker?

It’s a pretty cool movie, although some might find it a bit slow by today’s fast-edit standards. Special features include Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Peter Hyams and the original theatrical trailer, which are always fun to watch for older films.

For a unique sci-fi experience, check out Outland on Blu-ray NOW!

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