Frequency – Blu-ray Review

I had no idea how cool this movie was! Frequency at first glance sounds like a weepy Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that grandma would make you watch while visiting her over a long weekend. But oh, was I wrong. Frequency is more than just a well-acting, nuanced, and intriguing drama. It’s also a suspenseful sci-fi crime-thriller that uses the concept of the time/space continuum to intriguing and creative ends.

When a crazy solar phenomenon allows John (Jim Caviezel, Person of Interest) to speak to his long deceased father, Frank (Dennis Quaid, Footloose) 30 years in the past via his basement Ham radio, the fate of his entire family begins to change. As questions start to be answered, new information about other past events begin to come to light, which only lend themselves to even more revelations that could impact John and his family’s lives in the future and beyond.

Once this train leaves the station there’s no going back. This is an excellent sci-fi thriller that has plenty of action, heart, and chills that keep coming until the final frame of the movie. This one’s definitely worth a look!

New to Blu-ray, this edition of the film includes lots of special features:

Commentary by Director Greg Hoblit

Commentary by Writer/Producer Toby Emmerich and Actor Noah Emmerich

4 Animated Solar Galleries

Music-Only Track with Commentary by Composer Michael Kamen

Deleted Scenes

Original Theatrical Trailer

Oh, and if you like behind-the-scenes featurettes…

The Science & Technology Behind Frequency

This blanket Featurette includes the following sub-featurettes you can access individually:

Solar Science; Ham Radios; Time Travel & Theoretical Physics; Fighting Fires; Creating Natural Phenomenon for Film

For some sci-fi/thriller excitement with plenty of heart, check out Frequency on Blu-ray NOW!

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