21 Jump Street DVD Review

If you for some reason missed out on the best comedy of the year (so far) then you owe it to yourself to check it out on DVD/Bluray. My full review film can be found here. It’s nice to know though that the movie does hold up from when I originally saw it in theaters. As a comedy it obviously hurts the experience that there’s not an audience there to add in a laugh track, but nonetheless you’ll know when you laugh and when to cry. By the way those aren’t tears of sorrow, those are tears of awesomeness as you can’t even begin to comprehend the events that took place on the screen.

A quick run down of the DVD’s special features:

Back to School is a quick 7 minute behind the scenes look at the making of 21 Jump Street. The 4 Deleted Scenes are Principal’s Office Extended, Marigold and Levy Commercial with Mr. Gordon, Jenko Joins The Band, and Late Night Chat. Each one of these deleted scenes really acts as extended scenes. They give you a good sense of the seemingly improv skills of all these various actors. They’re definitely scenes that are funny, but seem to be tangents from the story. Additionally there’s a commentary with the Directors & Cast as well as this DVD include a UltraViolet version of the movie so you can watch 21 Jump Street on any screen.

Bottom line is just buy it and share it with your friends because the more people you have watch this film, the more people you help get laid tonight. BOOM

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