Boxee Live TV Review

If you want an all-in-one way to cut the cord while still receiving TV over the air and new media applications then Boxee with its Live TV is for you.

Boxee Live TV is a tiny add-on device for your Boxee box. Installation is very simple. All you need to do is plug it into your Boxee box and then go through the on-screen installation menu. Again the big benefit here unlike simply buying solely digital antenna is that in addition to the local TV that you can watch, you can also check out Boxee’s various applications such as the one offered by StuffWeLike, browse the Internet, watch your locally stored digital media content, etc.

The Boxee Live TV does not come bundled with a harddrive/DVR functionality. Although it does have a channel/show guide.

Also when initially searching for the signal to your local channels Boxee Live TV does not tell you the antenna signal strength. So you could wait several minutes for Boxee Live TV to search for various channels in your area and then it ends up not being able to find any channels due to the placement of your antenna. There is a work around where you plug the antenna into your HDTV and check for signal strength there. Then once you’ve found the best location you can switch the antenna to back to the Boxee box. To say the least this is not an ideal solution.

The antenna included within Boxee Live TV is also not the best so you may want to consider buying an additional digital antenna if the one included isn’t able to pick up all of your local channels.

Even with those faults Boxee TV Live still does what you want it to do and it increases the functionality of your Boxee box.

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