John Carter Bluray Review

Just because John Carter didn’t do well at the box office, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check it out on Bluray.

Watching John Carter on the big screen in the theater made it very easy to understand its story. After watching it at home I felt as if something got lost in the transfer. That’s not to say the quality diminished, it just got a little bit more complicated or I just got more stupid. John Carter is a movie that needs to be seen on the big screen because there is so much imagery to take in. Watching the Bluray on a 60″ HDTV with widescreen black bars, you lose a sense of the world. But again that’s a minor thing. If you have issues following the story then you should rewatch the movie and I think the next time you’ll understand it more so.

This combo pack includes the Disney Second Screen, deleted scenes, bloopers, 360 degrees of John Carter, and a making of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ story. It is a shame that they don’t go into a full on making of John Carter bonus feature. 360 degrees of John Carter is neat because a camera crew went on set for the day and recorded every bit of activity going on and off set. So you get a sense of how chaotic filming a movie can be on all levels. 100 Years In the Making gives viewers a quick sense of why John Carter hasn’t been released onto movie screens till now. At the same time they don’t go into much detail about the film versions of John Carter that didn’t get made and how they would have differed from this Disney version.

Again for all its flaws John Carter is still cool and should be checked out.

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