Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved – DVD Review

Finally! After 100 years we now know what killed the Titanic on that fateful night as it made its maiden voyage across the ocean to the United States. Was it an iceberg? Was it the cold? Was it ancient aliens? This special reveals the truth and dig deep into the root cause of Titanic’s untimely and deadly demise.

Until the expedition documented in this special all the wreckage from Titanic had never been found, which meant that a conclusive reason as to why the ship sank had never truly been discovered. The team on this particular quest is determined to find every single piece of Titanic and use these pieces as evidence to find out if there was a structural flaw or some other weakness that took Titanic down.

We’ve all seen specials, movie, TV shows, and possibly read books (‘memba those?) about the “unsinkable” ship. There have been hundreds of theories as to why it went down, the key element being an iceberg. This special posits that there is in fact more to the story than has ever been unearthed, and that the truth of how it sank and why will help solve this 100-year-old mystery once and for all.

Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved is a very insightful and educational special that is a must-see for people interested in the history of this historic ship, and also for those who love a good real-life mystery.

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