Titanic: The Complete Story – DVD Review

It’s one of the greatest disasters of all time. Most everyone has heard of Titanic and a vast majority have seen the James Cameron epic that explores the voyage of the doomed ocean liner. But what are the real stories of what took place before, during, and after Titanic met it’s tragic end?

The answers can be found in the three comprehensive specials that make up Titanic: The Complete Story. Each documentary unearths layer upon layer of insight and information about the tragedy, the people involved, and the legacy it has left behind. These programs prove an excellent guide for anyone interested in exploring the true history behind the sinking of a ship once thought to be unsinkable.

Death of a Dream

A blow-by-blow account of what took place aboard the doomed ship and the warnings that were left unheeded. The threat of icebergs would never be taken lightly by a ship and its crew ever again! A good special for the history of the events that transpired but also thanks to the interviews with survivors of the doomed ship.

The Legend Lives On

What secrets does Titanic still hold? What can we learn from the wreckage? This special explores these and other questions as a team heads to and explores the remains of the ship in the icy deep of the North Atlantic.

Titanic’s Achilles Heel

This was by far my favorite special of the three. I especially liked how it explored the tragedy from the perspective of those awaiting Titanic in New York, the media’s reaction and subsequent reporting of the tragedy, and how varied the accounts from the survivors seemed to be (one man claimed the ship split in two; a woman said it sank in one piece). And like the other specials there is plenty of Titanic expedition footage sprinkled in for good measure.

Like all History Channel specials, these three documentaries are filled with expert analysis, CGI recreations, diary entries, and eye-witness interviews that help bring the events to life in vivid detail.

Before you see Titanic in 3D, check out Titanic: The Complete Story. I highly recommend it!

Titanic: The Complete Story is available NOW on DVD!

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