The History of the World in Two Hours – DVD Review

Well, it’s more like 88 minutes without commercials, but you get the idea. In this fast-paced special, journey back to the beginning of time and see how everything that happened at the moment of the big bang is interconnected with our lives in the 21st century. It’s an extensive overview that shows just how our world’s past has shaped our present and will in turn shape the future.

Through the use of time-lapse photography, CGI, re-enactments, and expert interviews, The History of the World in Two Hours educates as well as entertains. While there may be those who would dispute some of the claims made by the program regarding the genesis of the universe and our world, the special does a very good job making its case in a short amount of time.

At one point the special explains what the world’s 14 billion year history would look like if it were condensed into 14 years. The fact that the history of man would only occupy 3 minutes of that time span shows that in the grand scheme of things human beings are merely a blip on the historical radar. Fascinating.

The History of the World in Two Hours is an insightful and energized documentary that definitely makes you think about our place in the world and how much we take the resources and history that surrounds us for granted. It also allows you to see different facets of the world’s history that you may never have thought about before and perhaps may even encourage you to explore topics beyond what is covered in the special.

For a high-speed trip through history, I recommend The History of the World in Two Hours. It’s definitely worth the ride.

The History of the World in Two Hours is available NOW on DVD!

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