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Upholding peace and prosperity throughout the universe is not as easy as it sounds for the robotic heroes built in Hero Factory. Recently Hero Factory’s Storage Facility was compromised. The villains and monsters held inside somehow broke out of their container locks and have now fled across the galaxy. It appears that the evil Black Phantom is the mastermind behind it all. As the heroes tried to recapture the villains, Black Phantom destroyed the Factory’s Assembly Tower. The only hero who was not sent on a mission to capture a villain was Rocka. It is up to him to stop Black Phantom and save Hero Factory!

Of course you too can help defeat Black Phantom by playing through the new LEGO Hero Factory Breakout game on your PC or MAC. There is also a LEGO Hero Factory game available to download on your iPhone and iPad. Both LEGO Hero Factory games are available to play for free.

While on the LEGO Hero Factory website you can download wallpapers, screensavers, as well as build your own LEGO comic.

Additionally below this post you can check out eight different videos about LEGO Hero Factory. Some of these LEGO Hero Factory videos are parodies of Bad Boys and the Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice video. The videos range from stop-motion animation to CGI, and some even have a mixture of live action. They were made by fans for fans of all ages. So obviously if you like LEGO Hero Factory you have got to check them out!

Andrew Edwards – Heroes Day Off

Jason Ragosta – Ride A Long

Jared Hedges – Heroes Catching Villains

Luke Meeker – Heroes Don’t Get Paid

Matt Sweeney – Heroes on Patrol

Zoran Petrovski – Robo Housekeeper

Tina Radel – Hero Spice Old Spice parody:

David Brickley – Lego We Need YOUR Help

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