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Chronicle is one of those super hero movies that aims to be a realistic take on the genre and succeeds. What I like most about the film is that it being realistic doesn’t make it darker in tone. You get to follow the growth of these three high school students so you have to expect lots of immature comedic situations. Unlike Peter Parker these guys have no guidelines set by their Uncle. So you do get to see their highs and lows as they become more powerful. Again it’s a simple yet perfect teenage super hero film.

There aren’t that many special features on the DVD. There is a pre-visualization and a camera test. Both are pretty entertaining because they give you alternative perspectives from how the final film looked. The pre-viz contains CG animatics going through the third act of the movie. The camera test has a different set of actors exploring their various powers as they did at the beginning of the film.

Both the film and special features are entertaining so either buying or renting Chronicle is a solid choice.

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