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Think you’re the best at Gran Turismo? Well then prove it!

The GT Academy 2012 is not only your chance to show off your virtual driving skills, but also in the real-world. You could literally be in the starting grid in the 24hr Dubai race! Since 2008 all the previous winners have become professional drivers running for Nissan. Clearly this could be a life changing event.

The video below talks more about the event:

A quick run down of how to enter:
All you have to do is hop onto your Playstation 3 and go to your Playstation Store, download GT Academy 2012, and lastly you need to qualify on the PS3. The online time trial runs from May 1 – June 24. The number one thing to note is that this year the competition is open to gamers in Europe, Germany, USA and Russia. For more details visit Gran-Turismo.com

The great thing is that even if you don’t become the ultimate racing GT Academy 2012 winner you will still have the opportunity to receive a new car in the Gran Turismo 5 game. You will have to receive Gold in all 5 events. If you receive Bronze or better you will receive a special racing wear set that can be worn by your avatar in Gran Turismo 5.

As of this post already over 600k players have driven 53 million km so you you plan on entering now is the time to start your engines!

This post is sponsored by GT Academy.

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