Top Shot: The Gauntlet – DVD Review

Get ready for some amazing feats of marksmanship with Top Shot: The Gauntlet. These contestants are the best of the best when it comes to hitting a target no matter the odds, and this series presents plenty of eye-blurring, palm-sweating, and heart-pounding challenges that can make even the best shot choke. It’s a sheer test of will, concentration, and skill when these men and women take aim and do what if takes to win the $100,000 and the title of Top Shot.

There are plenty of hardcore challenges for these competitors to face in season three. Sure, they may make it look easy, but it’s safe to say that the average person would more than likely be unable to pick up one of these weapons and fire as accurately or expertly as these contestants do. This is definitely not a sport for everyone.

With a wide range of amazingly awesome weapons and some crazy-ass obstacle courses and trick shooting, this season of Top Shot will have you on the edge of your seat wondering how these folks even have a chance at hitting their intended targets. And you won’t believe some of the stuff these guys and gals are asked to do. It’s pretty epic!

This four DVD set also includes some cool special features:

Anatomy of a Shot

A closer look a various competitions during seasons three and four with different perspectives from contestants.

Weapons Rundown

Profiles several of the weapons used over the course of seasons three and four, including: the Larue OBR; AK-47; Benelli M4/Glock 34; Bulldog Gatling Gun; Hotchkiss Mountain Gun; Corner Shot (awesome weapon!); Recurve Bow; McMillan Tac 50; Infinity .40 Cal; and the Steyr SPP.

Behind the Bullet

An interview montage with contestants from seasons three and four.

I highly recommend Top Shot: The Gauntlet!

Top Shot: The Gauntlet is available NOW on DVD!

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