Gears of War Exile Canceled

Gears of War Exile canceled

Gears of War Exile canceled

Wait, what is Gears of War: Exile?

Gears of War: Exile was a unannounced project that was rumored to be a on-rails shooter. Of course that sounds like a terrible idea, but when you throw in that you would be using the Kinect to control the game it’s a little more interesting.

Well it looks like we’ll never get to experience what Gears of War: Exile was supposed to be. Cliff Bleszinski has said to Gamestop that it has been canceled.

Taking a beloved series and mixing up the gameplay to create something brand-new is always a big gamble. I’m sure that Epic saw how the game was progressing and simply didn’t think the quality was there. I do question why they couldn’t improve it with some tender love and care.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what transporting an existing franchise into a on-rails shooter is like when Fable: The Journey gets released for the Kinect later this year. Funny enough Fable: The Journey is using the Unreal 3 Engine.

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