Phantasy Star Online 2 Free 2 Play

A brand-new Phantasy Star Online game and it’s FREE! Wait what’s the catch? I guess the main catch is that it’s only going to be available on PC, Vita, Android, and iOS. It kind of sucks that there’s no home console experience to be had here, but hey this is the first official sequel to the classic Phantasy Star Online MMO game that was released back on the Dreamcast.

You’ll be able to transfer your data between any of the versions so you can level up on the go with your smartphone or Vita and then continue playing on your PC when you get home. The one thing that I’m unclear about is if you can play a iOS player if you’re on another device such as the PC. I would assume not, but it would still be nice.

The PC version is coming out early summer in Japan. Vita version is 2013. iOS and Android coming winter 2012. The worst news out of all of this is that we still aren’t sure when PSO 2 is getting released for any country outside of Japan. Maybe Sega is simply waiting to see if there is a demand for this game. While the game is free 2 play, you’ll have to pay for certain items and to level up quicker. Clearly if the Japanese enjoy the game, spend money on it, and Sega sees an increase in demand from other regions of the world we might just get an official release.

The last time I played a Phantasy Star game was Phantasy Star Universe and jeez that game was not what I expected. Hopefully PSO 2 will be much more in line with the original.

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