Men In Black 3 Theme Song Sucks

It’s not entirely Pitbull’s fault, but wait why is he doing the theme song to Men In Black 3? What happened to Will Smith?

From what I’ve read on the Internetz Will is too busy working on his next movie to make a new song and dance for MIB3. That’s pretty lame. It’s probably almost as lame as what this movie will be like. I kid, I kid. As long as this film is better than the sequel that’ll be good enough for me.

Here’s Pitbull’s song ‘Back In Time’:

The Pitbull song simply isn’t catchy at all. Do you think Smith is at least going to dance in the music video? Part of the reason why MIB was accepted into popular culture is because of the song, music video, and dance. This seems like such a missed opportunity to bring MIB back into the limelight.

Based upon the MIB3 trailer and now this theme song debacle. Do you think MIB3 will be any good?


MIB 2:

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