A Lonely Place to Die Bluray Review

Thriller movies don’t get much prettier than A Lonely Place to Die. I want to emphasize that and I’m totally serious A Lonely Place to Die is has some beautiful locations and shots. If you’re afraid of heights, then this is the perfect movie for you. 😉

A Lonely Place to Die isn’t an extremely gory film, but plenty of people do die. It’s much more thriller than horror as this group of hikers is being chased by strangers after they find a girl in the woods. Everything flows pretty well and again there’s a lot of tense action moments. The flaw though comes with the ending.The majority of things come to a conclusion, but the film leaves a couple plots open. It would be fine if these were insignificant subplots, but they’re not. It kind of felt like they ran out of money and had to stop shooting so they cut to the credits.

If you know anything about cinematography, A Lonely Place to Die was shot on the Red One Camera and then printed on 35mm stock. So that basically is part of the reason why this film looks so good on Bluray.

On the special features front, there is only a trailer for the movie. Just because of that this Bluray is only worth a rental. It should be a movie that you’ll enjoy and it’ll hold your interest till the end.

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