Ice Road Truckers: Season Five – DVD Review

Here we go again! Ice Road Truckers powers on through some of the worst terrain and conditions imaginable as the fifth season gets underway. If you think driving in traffic while it’s raining is bad, wait until you see what the men and women who drive these big rigs have to deal with.

Icy roads, collapsed roads, black ice, overturned trucks and trailers, and host of other problems are commonplace occurrences for the brave men and women who call this line of a work a career. Each load, each truck, and each driver is put to the test as they contend with some of the craziest weather and road conditions imaginable. But no matter what, they’ve got a job to do and a client who’s waiting for whatever their hauling. And no excuse is a good one.

From seasoned vets to arrogant newcomers, season five has ‘em all and shows that even the surliest of experienced truckers is no match for mother nature when she rears her ugly head and goes toe-to-toe with a fully-loaded semi. It’s a battle that these men and women proudly take on and those who survive to the end always have a tale or two to tell.

This season contains 16 adrenaline-fueled episodes and a truckload of bonus footage. If you’re a fan of the series you’ll continue to be. If you’re new to the show it’s easy to catch on to what’s happening so you don’t have to start with season one.

For a fun and worthwhile adventure, check out Ice Road Truckers: Season Five. It’s totally awesome!

Ice Road Truckers: Season Five is available April 17, 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray!

What’s the worst road you’ve ever driven on? What’s the worst weather you’ve ever driven in? Leave a comment and let us know!

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