Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Season Three – Blu-ray Review

Welcome to the world of Ice Road Truckers, and season three is just as crazy, adrenaline charged, and addictive as the previous two. Imagine being on roads made only of ice, beneath these roads are icy, deadly waters that will consume your soul and your truck if you cross at the wrong moment.

Each episode explores the trials and tribulations of the truckers who undertake this risky and at time treacherous career. Some have success as they maneuver across the most dangerous road in North America, the Dalton Highway, while others find themselves in dangerous and life-threatening situations thanks to ice, sleet, slush, and blizzards. (Click here for a link to a site about the world’s most dangerous roads. Dalton Highway is #6.)

Season three’s episodes include: Deadliest Ice Road; Rookie Run; Canadian Invasion; Blinding Whiteout; Accident Alley; Arctic Circle; Wicked Weather; Killer Pass; Turn and Burn; Ocean Run; Busted Parts & Breakdowns; and Arctic Thaw.

The third disc also includes additional footage in the bonus features section.

For fans of Deadliest Catch, Ax Men, and similar series, Ice Road Truckers is yet another great show that showcases the brave men and women who navigate the dangers of the elements in order to provide for their families and the consumer. This is definitely a show worth watching.

Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Season Three is available now on DVD and Blu-ray!

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