Happy 18th Birthday, Justin Bieber!

[Update 3/30/12: Watch teaser for Justin Bieber’s music video Boyfriend.
Update 4/1/12: Watch Justin Bieber get slimed at KCA 2012.]

That’s right, ladies. Justin Bieber is now 18! Now all your Bieber Fever can be expressed in any way you desire since now you can’t go to jail for thinking impure thoughts about the Canadian-born singing superstar.

Bieber, who will make more today than most of us will make this year, is currently dating Selena Gomez who up until now was technically dating a minor. But it’s all okay now since the Beeb is officially 18 today!

What’s the best way to celebrate one’s birthday when you have millions of dollars, a hot girlfriend, nice cars, and bazillion screaming and crying fans? Why, with Ellen Degeneres, of course. And that’s exactly what Bieber did on the big 1-8: he visted with Ellen, surprised a fan (what a nice guy), made a big announcement, and got a really nice gift (freakin’ nice!).

Here’s his appearance on Ellen:

So what’s next for Mr. Bieber? Will being 18 turn the tide and will his popularity start to diminish? Will he grow in poularity as a singer or try to move into acting instead? Or will he be just another blip on the pop idol radar by the time he turns 19?

We’ll see what happens, but whatever he decides to do I’m sure it’ll be Biebertastic!

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!

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