Shopping with Kinect

Kinect Whole Foods

Kinect Whole Foods

Are you one of those people who simply can’t do anything basic? Well thank God Whole Foods is working on a shopping cart that is powered by the Kinect to assist you. Now you no longer will have to rely on your grocery mom shopping for you.

If you’re too lazy to click and play the above video, here’s the highlights: the shopping cart can follow you as you walk, it listens to you, it remembers your personal preferences, you scan items to see if they meet your requirements, etc.

The Kinect is clearly a really useful tool. One thing that I don’t want to see is during E3 2012 Microsoft spending 30 minutes talking about the Kinect and its uses outside of gaming. Please Microsoft save that for CES. Oh wait you aren’t attending it anymore. Crap. Seriously though don’t bring up non-gaming stuff at E3 2012 even if it’s related to the Kinect. Please!

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