Toy Soldiers Boot Camp Mobile Review

I liked the Xbox Live Arcade game of Toy Soldiers. It’s an RTS game without an extreme amount of micromanagement and it’s set in a kid’s room. Whats not to like about being in a kid’s room? …

Anyway I’ll tell ya what’s wrong with Toy Soldiers Boot Camp right now. There are only 3 types of gameplay modes and from what I can tell those modes each have only 1 level. Mind you these modes have nothing to do with the RTS elements that I liked in the Xbox Live Arcade game. One of the modes allows you to shoot flies with your turret. Another mode allows you to shoot at various targets that pop up out of a box. The last mode has you control a missile as you try to navigate it through holes that have been cut out of cardboard or something.

These modes are definitely quick to play and once you’re done with them there isn’t anything else to do. It felt like this was just a demo. So there’s no way that I would recommend that you spend money on this title.

The game does control well. You have 3 ways to alter your controls. You can tilt the phone, use a virtual dpad, or swipe to control your aim. You can also invert your controls and play southpaw style.

Toy Soldiers Boot Camp has good production value, but it has a lack of content that makes it not worth your cash.

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