Voice Studio Xbox 360 App

Want your Kinect to listen to your voice and be more responsive? Voice Studio might just be the solution.

You can watch my try out Voice Studio for the very first time below. It’s a free Xbox 360 app. You do need the Kinect to use it. Basically you speak words that appear on screen and the Kinect records your voice. It then sends that data to Microsoft for analysis. When will the Kinect be able to hear your voice in a proper tone without you having to yell at your Kinect? Who knows.

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2 thoughts on “Voice Studio Xbox 360 App”

  1. I’m trying it out right now….I’m impressed how Kinect responds to voice commands in general, even if you have to speak evenly and loudly. I think it’s high time that more developers take computer technology to the next big step and get them to recognise our vocal commands more easily.

    There’s about 8 “tracks” or whatever and you record 30 to 60 samples on each. Then it uploads and supposedly will improve how Kinect will respond.

    I hope so….We’ll see how it goes after I finish all the tracks.

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