Chickens Can’t Fly Mobile Review

Chickens Can’t Fly is not only the title of this game, but it’s also the fundamental gameplay – chickens falling from the sky. It’s up to you to guide them down into the trash through tons of levels across 5 different environments.

It’s not as easy as it sounds as each level gets more difficult. There are various objects that get in the way of your chicken. If you hit those items you’ll have to start over. Your chicken can grind on walls and flap to slow himself down, but it will still continue to fall. You tilt the phone side to side to steer where the chicken is going. Along the way you can collect stars and power ups. There are lots of different power ups, some are helpful while others make it more difficult to achieve your objective.

Generally speaking levels can be completed in only a couple of minutes, if you’re lucky enough to avoid all the objects. More than likely you’ll quickly find yourself dieing over and over. Thus you could be playing the same level for a lot longer than you expected too.

Chickens Can’t Fly has a visual style that is reminiscent of Angry Birds, but obviously very different gameplay. Even with that difference though I think anyone who found themselves amused by those birds should check out what these chickens are up to.

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