[9/13/13: Insidious Chapter 2 Review]

Insidious 2 is going into production this year with a 2013 release date. If you didn’t know, I loved the first film. So now I feel like writing 5 random points about what I hope be a part of Insidious 2. A lot of is just me rambling on about different possibilities. Also there are spoilers to Insidious 1 in this article, so you’ve been warned.

1. Sequel/Prequel/New Story Altogether: From my understanding on what has been publicly said, Indisious 2 is a sequel. A direct sequel would be tough to pull off unless the Insidious family doesn’t get killed by the father and thus they’ll need a quick explanation as to why Elise Rainier is dead. Potentially speaking if the family did get killed off, as I initially imagined that they did at the end of Insidious, we could be treated to a nice photo sequence of the crime scene as a intro sequence of Insidious 2. Then jump straight into a new haunting. Of course if the family is alive, that ruins the ending of Insidious for me, but it could make for a interesting time to see what the father and the rest of the family do together.

2. Have a killer ghost/demon that doesn’t look like Darth Maul? I personally didn’t have too much of an issue with this but I think it’s pretty clear that many people solely commented about the main demon looking like Darth Maul especially after seeing only the trailer. If the family from Insidious is alive, Darth Maul might sadly come back for a vengeance.

3. Please be inventive. Insidious had a great premise behind the haunting. That’s what made it so much fun to watch. I got sucked in on the idea and wanted to see where it was taken. Insidious 2 has to have something unique that draws people into the haunting. It’s not a film that has extremely memorable human characters, at least you do care for them and what they are going through, but not as much as the story behind the haunting and of course the haunting itself.

4. More creepy ghosts and fresh general scare tactics. The ghosts and scare tactics are going to make or break the film. Even if the story is rehashed, seeing things in a different light can still make the same story scary and enjoyable. A change in scenary should help make the audience feel unsettled. We know from Insidious 1 what a house haunting looks like. So now what about a office building, hospital, etc.?

5. Pacing is important. Insidious 1 built up at a great pace. It dived deeper and deeper until you couldn’t get out. Initially speaking I would like Insidious 2 to do the same, but if the film is again about The Further as a fan of that story I would like the story to dive straight into the action and scare. We already know the basic idea of The Further, so bring what it offers into the film as soon as possible. By doing so the pacing of the film might be thrown off. It could start off strong, but end dull. But if they don’t jump straight into this subject the film could start off boring. It’s going to be a fine balance between those two issues, saying that The Further is even a part of Insidious 2.

Now it’s your time to let me know if you agree or disagree or have any thoughts of your own. Let me know in the comments section below!

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    Frankly i think insidious 2 should go more in depth about what happened to the father and show us who that old lady was before she was a ghost. It would make the story more interesting rather than just trying to scare the living heck out of people. I also think in insidious 2, the son should get away if the Old lady did kill the rest of the family. It should show him trying to get his father back using astral projection and a library to find out more history on astral projection and that can lead him to finding out who that old lady is and maybe help him get his father out of that possession! I loved insidious one and if they don’t give us more details on these subjects and the Further, insidious 2 will probably ruin the whole movie. :(


    David Rodriguez

    Showing who the old lady was before she was a ghost would be cool, but I’m not exactly sure that there’s more story to tell with the dad.



    Well i think Since the old lady took the Father’s body, That can lead the father to try everything he can to get himself out of that possession and can show him running into those evil demons again. They Can also have him running into people who was possessed like himself and them getting together to get their bodies back, While having to fight off evil spirits and demons! :)d

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