HD PVR Gaming Edition

Need a way to capture your video game console gameplay? Then you should definitely look into the HD PVR Gaming Edition.


Software that comes with HD PVR Gaming Edition, ArcSoft ShowBiz:

Capturing Vanquish with HD PVR Gaming Edition:

I did have some problems exporting the Vanquish video. It captured fine and I was also able to edit the video as I wanted too, but every now and then ArcSoft ShowBiz crashed when I tried to export the file.

I messed around with the project and found that the problem may have been caused by inserting text in the editor. As when I removed the text that I originally put in my timeline I was able to export the file.

Additionally when I tried to export the video I found that the best file format is AVI. I tried MP4 and WMV, but neither was able to get a smooth frame rate even though I told it to export at 30fps. The Vanquish video footage was exported as AVI at 30fps.

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