Review: The Artist

With the Academy Awards fast approaching, it is no wonder that films like The Artist are getting all the praise. Is this the movie that will define the decade? Yes, yes it is.

The year is 1927; silent films are the biggest thing in Hollywood since the invention of the camera. George Valentin, played by Jean Dujardin, is in his prime, a prominent member of the Hollywoodland elite. All is going well after one of his premiers, until he meets a woman who steals the spotlight away from him. Over night Peppy Miller, played by Bérénice Bejo, becomes the new face of Hollywoodland and in turn the face of the new era of talkie films. Those catalysts contribute to the downfall of our protagonist George. I can’t give away the ending, but rest assured The Artist is a true treat for all those who love cinema and it’s evolution throughout the ages.

From the opening sequence you connect with the protagonist, following him on his amazing journey throughout his career. A majority of the scenes are just unbelievably moving, and the fact the film is portrayed just as a film would be back in the 1920’s is equally impressive; The Artist is a treat for the cinephile in us all. The film has  an extremely deep focus on a trait that affects everyone: pride.

The film is all about the art, and through art the creators themselves have a strong sense of pride: pride in their work, pride in themselves and all that they do. However, there is a reason pride is labeled as the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins. Valentin becomes the victim of his own hubris, and that pride costs him dearly. It isn’t until the end of the film that he sets his ego aside and allows himself to truly become the artist he was always meant to be.

Part drama, part comedy, part romance, the film itself is a splendid mixture of all the silent films of the olden days. With a brilliantly put together cast that brings a silent movie to such astounding volume, an impressive score, and a moving story, it comes as no surprise that the Academy have been buzzing about it.

If you are an avid film lover, you owe it to yourself to see this brilliantly created love letter to cinema. Whether you are a true film aficionado, or simply wish to see a spectacular movie, The Artist succeeds on all fronts as a true masterpiece.

Score: 10/10

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