Centurions The Original Miniseries DVD Review

The WB Archive is letting us relive our childhood yet again with the release of Centurions The Original Miniseries DVD. They previously released Thundarr The Barbarian, Swat Kats, and Pirates of Dark Water on DVD as well.

The one thing that these releases have in common with another is that there are no special features. Centurions The Original Miniseries contains the five episodes of the mini-series and that’s it. If right now you’re saying to yourself that you remember The Centurions as a TV series, you’re correct it was. This mini-series is basically the first five episodes that aired in April 1986. The rest of the episodes followed later that year.

The five episodes included on this DVD actually work out nicely because there is such a variety in locals that the Centurions visit and essentially blow up. The story’s themselves don’t link together. They are a bunch of one-offs and that’s perfectly fine. I did have a problem figuring out the differences between the 3 main guy characters. I understand that each one has completely different suits with unique powers, but their personalities are pretty flat except for the guy who is always going after any chick that he sees.

These episodes of The Centurions do look really good. They’ve got such bright colors and pretty cool animation when the action starts up. It’s great that there’s tons of action within these episodes. Every now and then these characters stop fighting, but that’s just because they’re getting ready to fight again.

The nice thing that will entertain anyone who is watching these episodes are the one-liners. Sometimes you’ll hear stuff that you’ll end up rewinding to hear it again. A lot of the dialog is hilarious in a cheesy way.

Overall I was impressed with The Centurions. It’s a series that I remembered watching as a kid, but still retained stuff that makes it fun to watch as an adult. With its blend of good action and comedy throughout all the episodes, the Centurions The Original Miniseries gets my stamp of approval.

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