Apollo 18 Bluray Review

Ever since its teaser trailer I’d been looking forward to seeing Apollo 18. It had a cool concept, what if there was an 18th Apollo mission and they discovered alien creature life on the moon. It’s the perfect setup, but it’s in the execution that Apollo 18 flops.

I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to make Apollo 18 in the style of Blair Witch, but that’s the flaw in this movie. It’s tough to create movies in that kind of a visual style. If this was shot like a typical movie Apollo 18 might have been a lot better.

Space itself is a pretty boring place. There’s nothing to do out there when you just travel to the moon and back. Even once the creatures appear in Apollo 18 it doesn’t become scary or entertaining. The way that the film is shown and cut together doesn’t allow for the audience member to get caught up in the drama. The majority of the film feels like the actors improvised lines and you grow bored with them as characters very quickly. They simply try too hard to make you think that this is real footage.

Anyway as far as the Bluray special features are concerned you have a commentary with the director and editor, about 4 alternate endings, a digital copy of the movie, and a boat load of deleted and alternate scenes. Many of the deleted and alternate scenes contain so much extra space babble so you’ll skip through the majority. The alternate endings are the most interesting part. Seeing the fate change of the astronauts in each ending is amusing. It kind of just shows that they really wanted to cover their bases and had no idea going into it, what exactly the end result of this movie would be.

I’m sad that I’m saying this as I was really looking forward to watching this film initially, but after seeing it I think you shouldn’t bother checking this out. It’s not worth your time.

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