Fright Night Bluray Review

In the world of remakes Fright Night stands out as a bloody gem. We’ve already reviewed the film and again Fright Night has many similarities and many differences to its original. It’s for not only that reason, but also Colin Farrell’s Jerry the Vampire that make this film so great.


The 2-Disc combo pack does not contain a 3D Bluray disc, which is included in another edition. It was kind of odd seeing this film in 2D after initially watching it in 3D in theaters. Blood splatters all over the place along with these embers flying across the screen; it’s visually pleasing, but I miss them popping out at me in 3D.

This version of Fright Night didn’t do all that well at the box office so I’m happy that they did include a good amount of special features within this combo pack. None of them go into a ton of detail about how they made the film though. The Deleted and Extended Scenes don’t add much value to the story. Peter Vincent: Come Swim In My Mind is a great promo video with Peter Vincent talking about his Las Vegas vampire show. The Official How to Make a Funny Vampire Movie Guide is a good short video that includes interviews about the movie. Squid Man Extended & Uncut is a pretty embarrassing “home video” that was shown within the movie and now you get to see the full version of it. There are also bloopers and Kid Cudi’s No One Believes Me music video.

Overall Fright Night is a movie that I think people will definitely enjoy. It’s a shame that it didn’t do better, but at least it has received a decent Bluray release that is worth a buy.

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