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Babies are special people, so it makes sense that you should protect the moments that you have with them. What if your computer died and you lost all of your baby’s videos and photos? I’m sure that you’d be pretty unhappy.

But your photos and videos are more than just data, these things are your life, and Norton knows that.

Of course in life there’s more stuff out there than just baby videos that you want to keep backed up and protected. This is why Norton offers a large variety of opportunities to protect your stuff, with Norton you can not only protect sensitive data on your computer but also on your mobile.

There are plenty of free trials available for Norton’s products, so go find which protection plan works best for you and your stuff by clicking Norton here.

Norton is doing a bunch of cool stuff in addition to this, Norton itself is holding a promotion on November 30, 2011 called Stuff Theatre. A variety of performance troupes and artists will perform Facebook profile status updates live for 24 hours straight. Your Facebook profile can be performed live too! If you want your Facebook stuff shown off to the world you can sign up at Be sure to tune into the event live on that page as well.

This post is sponsored by Norton.

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