Our Idiot Brother Bluray Review

Our Idiot Brother is a heart filled comedy where the main character is much less of an idiot and more so just a good hearted yet naive person.

He’s the type of guy who believes in people even when no one else does. He sees the best in everyone yet his world is full of cynic people who really need to get bent.

This is a comedy with heart and ground to it. It’s not slapstick comedy. It has some flaws, but it’ll get laughs out of you and you’ll generally speaking have fun watching the events unfold.

The one thing that you probably won’t enjoy watching is the roughly 15 minute documentary of the making of Our Idiot Brother. This video is filled with people just saying “um.” It was painful to watch. The cast and crew were all interviewed, but there was a lack of substance.

The deleted and extended scenes run roughly 8 minutes and do include some sub plots that were cut out of the final film. Lastly there’s also a commentary by the director.

Our Idiot Brother on Bluray is a rental. You’ll enjoy the movie, but the extras aren’t much to warrant a purchase.

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