Blue Velvet Bluray Review

It’s David Lynch, so it’s weird. Nuff said.

For those who are fans of the film Blue Velvet, I think you’ll be very satisfied with the newly discovered footage that has a runtime of almost 52 minutes. I don’t think you can ask for a better special feature addition.

The documentary Mysteries of Love is from 2002 so while the information is good, it doesn’t look as good as more recent special features do. This Bluray also includes Siskel & Ebert Review, vignettes, trailer/tv spots, and a few outtakes.

It is slightly odd that there is no proper menu. There is only a pop-out menu and appears as the film plays. If you’re watching a special feature you have to jump back to the movie to access the menu. It’s flipping annoying.

Blue Velvet isn’t a movie for everyone, but I do think that fans of Blue Velvet will eat up this Bluray.

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