America: The Story of Us:: Collector’s Edition – DVD Review

Here is the definitive box set of an amazing series from The History Channel. If you have yet to see America: The Story of Us you’re in for a real treat. Check out my review of the series by clicking here.

The Collector’s Edition includes two very special additions to this documentary about the birth of America through present day. These include the America: The Story of Us An Illustrated History companion book and a bonus disc, Modern Marvels: The Statue of Liberty.

The America companion book is a treasure in its own right. Author Kevin Baker explores United States history in a way that makes it come alive on the page. Each era of America from its genesis to the 21st century is discussed in an easy to read and understand manner that makes reading about our history less of a textbook-style task and more of a fun read.

With the aid of quotes, graphics, photos, and charts, and a intro by President Barack Obama, this companion book sets the stage and captures the imagination and spirit that had helped push this nation through even its darkest and seemingly bleakest moments. It is a true celebration of our nation’s past, present, and future.

Modern Marvels has been a programming staple on The History Channel since 1995. This particular episode explores the inception, creation, and drama that surrounded one of the most iconic structures in the U.S.: The Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty’s history is one fraught with scandal, delays, frustration, and engineering wizardry. She was created and built in France, then brought over piece by piece until she was finally completed in 1886 when the structure was dedicated and celebrations ensued.

But why was it built? Why was it built by a Frenchman? What was the process used to build it? And how exactly did they ship it from France to America? The answers to these questions and many more are revealed throughout the documentary.

There’s also a short documentary on the disc from the award-winning History Channel series, Save Our History about Ellis Island, which is quite good as well.

For a strong injection of American history and patriotism, I highly recommend America: The Story of Us: Collector’s Edition.

America: The Story of Us: Collector’s Edition is available NOW on DVD!

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