Top Shot: Reloaded – DVD Review

They’re the best of the best, sharpshooters and marksmen and women from around the country competing to see who will be named Top Shot (hence the name of the series). It’s a battle of wills, concentration, steadiness, and control. One moment of hesitation, a nervous twitch, or breathing at the wrong time could result in missing a target by feet.

Welcome to the world of Top Shot, a place where even the best can screw up big and end up going home in shame. Okay, okay, it sounds pretty intense and it can be at times. But the series brings together these skilled men and women, breaks them into two teams, and has them utilize their firearms skills in a number of challenging and oftentimes seemingly impossible shooting stunts.

Two teams of eight (the blue team and the red team) tackle each challenge to see who among them will stick around and who will ultimately be eliminated from the competition. With wind, bad weather, and other obstacles in their way, it’s anybody’s guess who will hit the target and who will miss and end up hanging their head in shameful defeat.

But it’s not just simple handguns and shotguns that these teams will be firing. These folks will be using some hardcore firepower and weaponry that would scare the bejeezus out of the average person. And these guys take aim with these guns like it’s an extension of their arm! It’s pretty cool to watch.

Along with these powerful weapons, tomahawks, knives, crossbows, and even blowguns are brought into the fray to see if they can hit targets with more than a bullet. Could you handle the pressure?

Sounds simple, right? Stand at a mark, take aim, fire. Not so fast! What if you were in the back of a moving vehicle, or upside down, or flying through the air? Still sound easy? What if the target is a cue ball or a walnut? Still feeling confident?

The History Channel links all of these competition back to historical events by having several trials related to events of the past. They also utilize high-speed HD cameras that enable the viewer to see bullets explode through the objects being shot at. It’s really cool to see!

Like the weapons used, Top Shot: Reloaded comes fully loaded with plenty of special features, which include:

The Top Shot Experience

A retrospective looking at the experiences and competitors of season two with interviews and clips.

Extended Team Selection

Pretty self-explanatory; takes what we saw in the season premiere and gives us a little more.

Weapons Rundown

In-depth profiles on several of the weapons used the series, including experts and demonstrations of the weapons in action. These include: .44 Magnum, M1A, Compound Bow, Colt 2011 Razorcat, Tomahawk, Ruger .357 Magnum, Ruger 10/22, Barrett M107, the Browning, Benelli Shotgun,

Anatomy of a Shot

A closer look at the different competitions with insights from the contestants.

For some intense competition complete with gunfire, targets exploding, and plenty of adrenaline, check out Top Shot: Reloaded on DVD!

Top Shot: Reloaded is available NOW on DVD!

What’s the best weapon? Could you survive the Top Shot competition? Leave a comment and let us know!

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