American Restoration: Volume One – DVD Review

Welcome to Rick’s Restorations. This Las Vegas-based business is at the heart of the really awesome series, American Restorations. Shop owner Rick Dale and his crew restore items that are a part of history, and no project is too difficult. Each episode showcases two relics that Rick’s Restorations sets out to restore for their always satisfied customers.

If Rick looks familiar it’s because you’ve probably seen him a a few episodes of another History Channel series, Pawn Stars. Well, Rick got spun-off into his own series and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

What really is amazing about the series is just how intricate and detailed the craftsmanship is on these handmade devices. The mechanics alone on items like old slot machines, vacuum cleaners, an antique scale, and a punching bag game really make you appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into originally creating these products.

You really have to appreciate the work these guys do in order to bring these antique items back to life. And these guys work hard to ensure that not only do these items look 100%, but they also work like they originally did when they were first built.

When you see some of the mechanical insides of many of these items it’s hard to believe that they were designed, built, and assembled by some unknown person decades and sometimes even centuries ago. There’s a lot of pride in the work done both when these items were first created, and by Rick and his team now.

Along with the restorations, the series also puts the items into historical context by giving us information, old photos, and trivia about the devices being worked on. This is truly a show that people who like to repair and build things with their own two hands will definitely enjoy.

It’s really cool to see how Rick and his team take these pieces that would normally be either thrown away or donated to a museum and make them look brand new and operational. I highly recommend American Restoration: Volume One.

American Restoration: Volume One is available NOW on DVD!

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