Crazy Stupid Love Bluray Review

Crazy, Stupid, Love is pretty damn entertaining. It is very crazy and stupid but also contains a lot of heart and sympathize with these characters and what they have to go through. It centers around a family going through a divorce and follows each character and their love life or lack their of. Each character feels fleshed out and believable.

As far as what you get on the Bluray there are Deleted Scenes and two behind the scenes videos with the actors talking about their experiences on set and with love. One of the deleted scenes is an alternative ending. I did enjoy both of the videos with the actors talking about their experiences because they came off more natural and real than in typical behind the scenes videos. The one element that’s lacking from this is clearly a blooper reel. I can only begin to imagine that there must be some good blooper footage in the WB archives.

This Bluray combo pack does also include a DVD version of the movie along with the UltraViolet version. UltraViolet allows you to stream the movie to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you didn’t see Crazy, Stupid, Love in theaters, then you should check it out on Bluray. The only problem is that there aren’t that many special features so I think you’re better off renting the title than buying it.

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One thought on “Crazy Stupid Love Bluray Review”

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