Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Bluray Review

Lets begin this review with a ROAR!

You can’t deny that the original Jurassic Park film is a classic. It’s the perfect example of how technology can enhance the story of a film. It’s for this reason that Jurassic Park is going to be the first film that you watch again on Bluray. With the film’s digitally remastered image and 7.1 audio it’s going to stun you just like it did in 1993. Immediately you’ll feel like you can walk into the image and become part of that world. It’s so crystal clear.


Universal can’t call this the Ultimate Jurassic Park Experience without packing in special features! There’s 2 hours worth of never before seen behind the scenes content. A lot of these are placed throughout the discs and are dubbed Return to Jurassic Park. They feature new interviews with the cast and crew of all three films talking about what went into making the film. You’ll get a boatload of inside information, and hints and wishes by the crew for a Jurassic Park 4.

Not only do you get these new videos, you’ll also receive archived special features from previous releases. The Return to Jurassic Park series does such a good job of giving you an overview of information so having the archived features narrows things down and gets a little more specific on filmmaking topics. So both sets of features work well together.

Jurassic Park Chocolate Egg?

Some more bonus features include all three films in a digital copy format and a redeem code for the PC or MAC version of Jurassic Park: The Game Episode 1.

The Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy is a perfect Bluray collection. You’ll want to see these films on the best and biggest HDTV setup that you have while you crank your speakers to maximum volume as you hear the T-Rex roar.

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