House Band Wine – Bringing Wine to the Music

House Band Wines is a new and fresh take on wines. Patrick Krutz, the founder and winemaker thought of House Band as a way to bring two great things together, music and wine.

The event that StuffWeLike attended to kick off House Band, was held at the SIR Sound Stages and it really put their idea into prospective. While sipping on House Band wine in our wine glasses and listening to live music we pondered about the idea of having an easier way of containing the wine. House Band has come up with a solution that would allow for great tasting wine to be carried around in easy resealable 375ml flexible pouches. These pouches are arriving in January 2012 with a SRP of $4.99 each, so you won’t have to wait much longer to try them out!

As Patrick Krutz puts it “like a Capri Sun pack without the straw.” This is a great idea for venues that don’t allow glass at their events, because you can still buy quality wine and enjoy your favorite live concerts in style. Their selection of wines were excellent, especially their Red+5 which had a distinct, but enjoyable taste. With Tom Jacob from Hermes starting off the night with his pure talent, Chef Franks Miller‘s amazing food, and Suddyn performing for us in the end, the night was a brilliant mix of wine and entertainment. These wines are a must try for anyone who loves wine, and enjoys a good concert now and again.

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Author: Brittany Piche

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