Condoms…With A Cause!

Sir Richards condoms, is not only a new condom brand, but an organization that helps other countries. Founded by Mathew Gerson and Mark Kreloff this company does what Toms does for shoes. For every condom you buy they will give a condom to a country in need. “We believe safe sex is a basic human right,” and Sir Richards is right in saying everyone should have the option to practice safe sex.

Their brand name and colorful style should definitely appeal to a younger crowd, and maybe even sway some people to practice safe sex that haven’t been. They are trying to get college kids involved in spreading the word about what this company is trying to do. This company is doing a great thing by trying to better the world in an important way. The more safe sex people practice, especially young adults, the better our world can be in the future with less unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Also helping developing countries by providing these needs can better their growth as well. These aren’t just condoms, these are condoms with a cause!

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