Baseball comes to Kinect Sports Season 2

Question is, is it better than what you get on the Wii with Wii Sports? We can’t answer that question just yet until we get our own hands on with the game, but it does look pretty detailed.

Fans are going head-to-head at PAX Prime in pitcher-versus-batter split-screen showdowns.

The game features in-game voice commands and body-tracking. You will play both offense and defense to see who can score the most runs during a two inning game.

On offense, you’ll step into the batter’s box and swing away with the ability to aim hits left or right by swinging early or late, depending on where the fielders are playing. You can bunt, get a base hit, or give your swing more pop by stepping into it or using your voice to call in the Star Batter who has a higher chance of hitting a homerun but can only be used once per game. Once the ball is in play, it’s up to you to run the bases and beat out the throw, sliding if it’s going to be close!

On defense, its all about pitching. Depending on your arm speed, you’ll be able to throw a variety of six pitches from a mean slider to a tricky curve to a good old fashioned heater. Like hitting, you’ll have the option to use your voice to call in your Star Pitcher once per game. His fastballs make hitter’s heads spin, so be sure to use him when you need that crucial third out. If your opponents do manage to put the ball in play, you’ll have to flash your leather and showcase your lightning reflexes by tracking the hit and making the catch to keep runners off base.

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