Mars Needs Moms Bluray Review

Has your mom gone missing? Maybe she’s on Mars…

Mars Needs Moms is a very bizarre story. Martian moms stop raising kids with their husbands. Overtime I guess the females lost the ability to care for their children so they created robots who need to be programmed with the right mindset to raise a kid. The female martians select Earth moms based upon how these Earth moms have raised their own children. If the martians like what they see, they kidnap the mom. The mom is taken to Mars in which she is entrapped in a glass bubble and will be fried to death by a solar laser beam. This beam sends the needed programming into the Martian robots. Note that all of this is done on a regular basis as new baby martians appear out of the ground every couple of years.

If you think I’m making this up, I assure you that I wish I did smoke some to come up with this elaborate idea.

The end result of the actual adventure that takes place during Mars Meets Moms isn’t all that entertaining. I didn’t really care for any of the characters or their outcomes. There could have been some good lessons about family and what not, but they felt drowned in this odd fantasy story.

For those of you who don’t know, Mars Needs Moms is another film that has live action motion capture and replaces the actors with CGI humans as well as aliens. Many of the special features focus on showing the actors in their live action form and it is really interesting seeing them do their work. You’ll receive the Extended Opening, Life On Mars: The Full Motion Capture Experience, Deleted Scenes, Martian 101, Fun with Seth, and Flower Power. There’s about one to two hours worth of material here. Sadly there’s no feature covering the entire process of making this film.

Mars Needs Moms is a decent flick that kids might enjoy viewing once. Everyone else will probably be bored with it. This Bluray combo pack is definitely a rental.

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