Limitless Bluray Review

[Insert eye popping pun: This unrated extended cut of Limitless, is limited.]

Ok seriously we’re not going to say something lame like that. As I said in my review of the film Limitless, it’s a very entertaining sci-fi esc movie. The film has many sequences that are really cool to look at and the story is very thought provoking.

Once you’ve seen Limitless, it’s not as interesting the second time around. The thrill of going from a slum situation to being rich and powerful wasn’t as intoxicating when I watched Limitless again.

This time around I did see the unrated extended cut, but I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly was so unrated nor extended about it. I didn’t notice anything that was more bloody or some extra scenes that weren’t in the theatrical cut. I’m sure that there’s something about this version that is different. Thankfully both versions are included in this Bluray combo pack so you can watch the films to spot all of the minor detail changes.

The other big thing in this edition is the alternate ending. It wasn’t as different as I thought it was going to be. It revealed different information about the main character from the film’s original ending, but still things kind of ended in the same way. I am glad though that they stuck with the original ending instead of the alternative ending in the theatrical release.

The other extra features include A Man Without Limits and Taking It to the Limit: The Making of Limitless. Both of these are behind the scenes videos which added together are about 15-20 minutes in length. There is also audio commentary by director Neil Burger. You also have another disc dedicated to the digital copy of the film.

I’d say rent this Bluray of Limitless because again I’m not 100% sure that you would want to re-watch the film many times. Limitless is definitely a film to check out for a variety of reasons. So go check it out as soon as you can!

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