Take Me Home Tonight Bluray Review

Lets travel back one more time to the 1980’s and relive those colorful moments in Take Me Home Tonight.

Previously we’ve reviewed the film, shown off the red carpet, and other Take Me Home Tonight related stuff so now it comes down to this the home video release of Take Me Home Tonight.

Unboxing Take Me Home Tonight:

Does the film stand up since I last say it earlier this year?
Oddly enough I think I liked this film even more so than my initial watching. I knew what was going to happen next, but I still became emotionally connected to these characters and their lives. It’s not a film that has some of the most memorable comedic journey’s in recent films ala The Hangover, but The Hangover takes its time and focuses on the little things in life. From this one night of events these characters grow and become better people. Again I think I was able to appreciate that more so in this film the second time around.

Take Me Home Tonight has heart, which is something that a lot of recent films lack. That element alone should keep most people glued to their TV to see what happens next. Then of course on top of that there’s the comedy side that will keep you laughing throughout the entire film.

All-in-all I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t enjoy this movie.

What about the Bluray extra features?
This is where this combo pack slightly fumbles. It’s not that these special features aren’t good, it’s that many of them have previously been released as promotional items onto the Internet. The Deleted Scenes and Music Boom Box haven’t, but the Take Me Home Tonight music video and Cast Get-Together have. I think anyone who enjoys the film will enjoy the special features.

The deleted scenes add a couple of story sub-plots that we were previously unaware of. The Cast Get-Together is includes the main actors having a good time talking about their favorite moments in the movie. The Music Boom Box is a collection of informational text blurbs about the songs used in the movie as well as allows you to play the segment in the movie that used the song. The Take Me Home Tonight music video is self explanatory, but it is a must watch!

There is another disc dedicated to the digital copy of Take Me Home Tonight.

Bottom line is that I say pick it up. I enjoyed the movie and continue to enjoy it today. If you’ve already seen the extra features online, you’ll still love their crisp video and audio on the Bluray.

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