‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaster Poster Arrives!

The brand new poster for Nolan’s last film in the trilogy makes one thing very clear. Gotham City has seen better days.At the conclusion of the last film Batman was deemed a public enemy, a murderer, and an all around bad guy. How will the caped crusader redeem himself in the final installment? Who knows and this poster does not really bode well for him. Breaking down the poster into parts, let’s analyze this sucker to see what it could possibly be hinting at.

1) The poster is looking up towards the sky with black and dark tones surrounding it. This could imply that Batman will literally rise out of some underground peril or perhaps even a metaphorical grave he’s put himself into.

2) The buildings are forming the Bat Symbol while it rains chaos, this could simply mean that the city will be destroyed beyond repair unless they get help from Batman.

3) The color scheme puts the Bat Symbol is white, which by most traditional standards is a saving color, but it could also mean sacrifice, while the darkness swallows the city.

Enough with these pretentious assumptions. I’ll make a prediction of how a logical end to the franchise can come about. In the final battle between Bane and Batman, he will sacrifice himself in the end. Perhaps not die but simply will have his back broken, which Bane is most famous for doing so in the comics. All I know is that this is already looking to be on the scale of TDK if not better. But we will just have to wait til next summer to see. Stay with Stuffwelike.com to get all your updates on the last Batman film in Nolan’s trilogy!


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