‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Trailer and Poster Will Be with ‘Harry Potter’

Batman to invade the Wizarding world of Harry Potter? Check it out!

According to superherohype.com as well as the Batman facebook page, the very first glimpse at ‘The Dark Knight Rises, will be attached to the finale of the Harry Potter film franchise. Two great things wrapped up in one bundle right? There has been no confirmation regarding that there will be footage or not, but with the trailer running at around 1:33, it will be hard to tackle that with just the Bat logo and a voice over. However, knowing Nolan and how he approached the viral marketing and buzz hype for The Dark Knight, I wouldn’t put it past him to just give us a simple morsel to keep us starving for more Batman related news.

While the only viral marketing so far is the actual website itself and the Bane photo twitter reveal, I hope it will be just a sliver as epic as it was for The Dark Knight. Make sure to stay tuned to Stuffwelike.com for more exciting news about the final Batman film in Christopher Nolan’s brilliant franchise.


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