Disney Launches ‘Brave’ Trailer Online

With the recent release of Cars 2, people spoke of Pixar’s first big flop, and while it may be true with low ratings mostly across the board it doesn’t look like the animated juggernaut is losing any kind of steam.Brave, is Pixar’s newest film, set in a mythical version of Scotland and follows the story of a young princess who defies her father by pursuing a less than princess-esque hobby, archery. While she makes a reckless choice that upsets the balance she seeks redemption in this new epic film.

When the plot details were first announced, many accused Pixar of trying to rip off Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon, but this looks completely different. Check it out below!

Originally called The Bow and the Bear, this film looks to have both and some really epic journeys, and a big step away from the traditional Pixar fashion. While I’m not a huge fan of the way the character model looks so far, we’ve got quite a bit more time until next summer to see it perfected. Stay tuned to Stuff We Like for more details about Pixar’s great new epic.

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